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Leopard Print Fur Coat

Leopard Print Fur Coat


Hello everyone,

I got this rad faux fur jacket few years ago. as soon as the weather would get cold, I always loved topping my outfits with it. It was a go to and I always got compliments on it. Not only is it so cozy, but such a statement piece, that I could literally throw it over whatever outfit and it looked instantly chic. There really is no wrong way to wear it.

You can throw it on over your workout clothes to go from the barre to the bar, over a white tee & flared jeans, or over a cocktail dress. It’s also super chic over a slip dress. This jacket will literally go with everything and instantly polishes up any look. 

Anyway, I wanted this leopard faux fur coat to be the focal point of the entire outfit, so I styled it with all black pieces. I will admit though this coat was zipped up to the top when I was walking around, it was too cold to wear it open for longer than 2 minutes.

What do you think of my outfit? And do you like leopard fur coats?

Leopard Fur Coat - VIGOSS Collection

Top - Zara

Pants - Zara


Shoes - Aldo

Choker - The Jewelry Bx


Photography by My hubby

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