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Winter Layering

Winter Layering

Hello everyone,

This winter is turning out to be an extra chilly one, which means that copious layers are a must. Luckily for us all, layering is still a huge trend for the year and there are lots of on-trend, but still versatile elements to play with—both to stay warm and look your best. 

In this look I layered chunky grey sweater over a long button down shirt and topped it with a wool coat in similar gray shades.

So how to layer a sweater? 

1) Choosing a sweater - the best layering sweater is one that is slightly thicker (you don't want the see the underlying buttons poke through the top) and not too long (so that you can see the hem of the button down peek out from underneath)

2) Choosing a shirt - you can get away with nearly any button down underneath a thicker sweater (like the plaid shirt with the cable knit sweater), but for thinner sweaters, you'll want to choose something light and delicate. You could even opt for a chiffon-like shirt.

Do you like winter layering?

Have a nice weekend guys! 


Coat - Forever21

Sweater - Forever21

Shirt - Belle & Sky

Jeans - American Eagle

Bag - Chanel

Boots - AMI Clubwear

Ring - Aurum Mod


Photography by My hubby

Leopard Print Fur Coat

Leopard Print Fur Coat

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