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Athleisure Effect

Athleisure Effect

Hello everyone,

Remember "Sport Luxe"? It was a big trend a few seasons ago when luxury designers added some sporty touches to their collections. It was quite popular I seem to remember. Well, this trend is kind of over and "Athleisure" is one of the biggest trends right now.

One of its main components is the side stripe pants, which can look to sporty for some. Although some of these pants can make you look like you are heading to the gym, you can wear them in ways that will make you look elegant and extravagant. Make the most out of your side strip pants with these styling tips.

GO SOLID -  Although side strip pants are very casual, you can make them look sophisticated with another casual piece - a solid colored shirt. The simple top can balance the sporty look of your side stripe pants. I style them with a blazer and a sleek pair of pumps.

GO FORMAL - Although side stripe pants are reminiscent of the athleisure fashion trend, they can be worn to the office as well. In fact, it can be a great alternative to your boring trousers or pencil-cut skirt. Wear it with a button-down top or a "formal top" and, of course, the best shoe for a formal look is sexy pair of heels. ;)

So what do you think guys? Would you wear these pants?

Have a great weekend!


Pants - Forever21

Blazer - Michael Kors

Shoes - Report

Bag - Chanel

Sunglasses - Burberry


Photography by My hubby


Checked Coat

Checked Coat

Leopard Print

Leopard Print